Soumya Vilekar

After reigniting her passion as poet in 2011 and an avid interest in reading about spiritual and philosophical works,she wrote more than two thousand poems .Her works are included in several anthologies covering social issues and also in collection of poems of different genre. She has several books to her name ,all of which are based on the journey of life including its inspiration .She has authored a book named “Suroor of the soul” along with Shaheen Dhanji which encompasses the topic of the endless quest of a human soul in search of ultimate happiness.

She diversified into field of Music Albums starting the company AUDUMBAR ARTS in 2016 and gradually went into Films and Entertainment. She joined PLANET MARATHI as co -founder in 2018 , a Marathi Digital Platform and within a span of a year co produced two films .

Hailing from the field of Powder Metallurgy and been involved in providing technologies and commissioning industries since 1995 to manufacture metal powders, she has been a Business Consultant to various companies . Her core strength is Business Networking which is an essential factor for empowering any vision and its growth .

She says.“Life is a beautiful journey which has different contours throughout its path and is varicolored. Each one of us have experienced its different façade  of joy, sorrow, sadness, grief, misery and the virtual happiness at some moment or other in life. What we see or acknowledge here on Earth as human form is just a part of a wonderful enchanting journey”. Her poetic journey keeps her motivating in any situation and her extreme interest in any kind of arts allows her to explore world of creativity .

A Digital Changemaker and Vocal Contributor on WorldPulse, a Non Profit organization based at Portland USA, which connects more than 60,000 women across 190 nations, Soumya loves to connect with women from corners of the world to hear their stories and be a catalyst or a support to their goals.

“Future lies in our hands”.

She states,”In our voice , shall we echo as one ,for the sake of dying humaneness. To create a world .which is free from tangles of discrimination of gender,caste,creed,race,nation,status and religion – is the ultimate vision for future”

“Inspiration, I feel is a zest which gets birthed within when we come across the real truth of life, not living.”

Courage, Perseverance, Patience & Gratitude are characteristics of a True Human